Sonya Valentine Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

Company or individual details

  • Sonya Valentine Pty Ltd
    097 306 977


Sonya Valentine Pty Ltd trading as Sova Imports (the company) has supplied sunglasses that do not comply with the mandatory product safety standard for sunglasses and fashion spectacles (the Standard). The sunglasses were supplied to retailers and distributors throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

The Company agreed to co-operate with the Commission by providing a section 87B Undertaking which included:

  • acknowledgement that the sunglasses did not comply with the Standard;
  • acknowledgement that the company may have breached the Act;
  • advice that the company has ceased the supply of the sunglasses;

and that the company:

  • has advised retailers to whom the sunglasses were supplied to withdraw them from sale and return them to the company for remedial action;
  • will place product recall notices in the relevant major capital city newspapers in the cities in which the sunglasses were supplied;
  • will provide refunds to all parties who return the sunglasses;
  • in future, will not supply sunglasses or fashion spectacles which do not comply with the Standard; and
  • will institute and maintain a trade practices compliance program.