Smaji Management Pty Ltd t/a ITP Income Tax Professionals - s.87B undertaking

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  • Smaji Management Pty Ltd t/a ITP Income Tax Professionals
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Smaji Management Pty Ltd (ITP) acknowledge that print and television advertisements offering a 48 hour tax refund service without conditions may have misled consumers as the service was not a refund but a loan against the amount of refund that ITP calculated the consumer would get from the Australian Taxation Office. To obtain the 48 hour service consumers also paid an extra fee.

ITP undertakes to refrain from making similar representations without qualifications as to the service being offered and any conditions that apply.

It also undertakes to:

  • broadcast corrective television advertisements;
  • review all dealings with it's customers and ensure a refund of the 48 hour service fee is made to those that were charged but did not get the loan within 48 hours; and
  • implement a Trade Practices Act 1974 (TPA) compliance program with regard to Part V of the TPA and in accordance with AS 3806, the Australian Standard for compliance programs.