Schwarze Industries Australia Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

Company or individual details

  • Schwarze Industries Australia Pty Ltd
    089 416 937


Schwarze Industries Australia Pty Ltd (CAN 089 416 937) (“Schwarze”) sells throughout Australia a range of road sweepers including the following models:

A6500XL; and

The purchasers of these road sweepers are predominantly local government authorities as well as a number of other commercial entities that use the vehicles for cleaning facilities or to contract sweep local government and industrial sites.

The Commission has expressed concerns regarding certain documentation distributed by Schwarze at various times over a period of approximately two years in response to tender requests from many local government authorities and appearing on its website, which included some representations as to the Australian Content of the above sweepers and the country of origin of some of the constituent parts of the sweepers that may contravene sections 52, 53(a), 53(eb) and 55 of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (“the Act”).

In view of the Commission’s concerns, Schwarze has entered into an undertaking with the Commission pursuant to section 87B of the Act to address concerns raised, whereby Schwarze agrees to:

  • cease making representations of the type referred to above;
  • circulate a Corrective Notice to affected consumers; and
  • implement a Trade Practices Compliance Program