San Remo Macaroni Company Proprietary Limited - s.87B undertaking

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  • San Remo Macaroni Company Proprietary Limited
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San Remo Macaroni Company Pty Ltd (San Remo) is a manufacturer and wholesaler of pasta and other foods. Until approximately October 2003, one of its products "San Remo medium grain CousCous" was available in supermarkets in packaging bearing a representation to the effect that this product had a low Glycemic Index. It is generally accepted that CousCous has a medium GI and accordingly San Remo's representation was likely to be in breach of ss. 52 and 53(a) of the Act.

The Commission has accepted an undertaking from San Remo in resolution of this matter.

The undertaking requires San Remo to:

  • refrain from making GI representations unless it has a reasonable basis in scientific knowledge or testing for making those representations; and
  • implement and maintain a Trade Practices Compliance program.