Quinsite Nominees Pty Ltd (Corporate Trustees for Moduplay) - s.87B undertaking

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  • Quinsite Nominees Pty Ltd (Corporate Trustees for Moduplay)
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Moduplay is involved in the manufacture and supply of playground equipment. During October 1997 the Commission became aware of allegations that Moduplay and Megatoy were involved in an anti-competitive agreement pursuant to which both parties agreed not to compete with each other for the supply of playground equipment in NSW. Both companies later confirmed to the Commission that they had entered into such an agreement. In response, Moduplay undertook not to enter into such an agreement with another company again. It also undertook to develop a trade practices compliance program aimed at ensuring that contraventions of the Trade Practices Act do not occur again in the future. Moduplay has also undertaken to donate $14 000 worth of playground equipment to 2 specified Councils.