Qantas Airways Limited - variation - s.87B undertaking

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  • Qantas Airways Limited
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In June 2002 Qantas provided a section 87B undertaking to the Commission requiring the company to advertise the price of their airfares on an “All Inclusive Basis”.

A variation to this undertaking has been accepted by the Commission as recent Court decisions have made it clear that “All Inclusive Pricing” is not required under the Act.

The variation requires Qantas, when making representations as to the price of any airfare, to disclose the total price payable by a consumer as a necessary precondition to receiving the represented services (the Total Fare). The Total Fare may be a ‘single total fare’ or refer in dollar terms to all component amount (whether individually specified or aggregated) that make up the ‘single total fare’, subject to certain conditions.