Love N Care Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

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  • Love N Care Pty Ltd
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Love N Care Pty Ltd (the Company) has supplied baby walkers, described as 'Construction' and 'Police' (the baby walkers) that do not comply with the mandatory product safety standard for baby walkers as they were not labelled with the appropriate warning instructions.

Baby walkers manufactured or imported into Australia must be labelled in accordance with the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) (Baby Walkers) Regulations 2002 (the Standard).

The Company agreed to co-operate with the ACCC by providing a section 87B Undertaking which included:

  • acknowledgement and admission that its supply of baby walkers described above contravened 65C of the TPA;

and that the Company, amongst other things:

  • will not in future supply any baby walkers that do not fully comply with the relevant mandatory consumer product safety and information standards that apply;
  • will provide the correct labelling to its manufacturer for future reference, and to all parties to whom the baby walkers were distributed;
  • will cause to be published at its own expense in a major daily newspaper in each State or Territory of Australia in which non-compliant baby walkers were distributed by the Company a public notice advising of the non-compliant baby walkers; and
  • will implement at its own expense a trade practices compliance program