JM Australia Pty Limited - s.87B undertaking

Company or individual details

  • JM Australia Pty Limited
    078 162 802


  • Acknowledgment that the JM’s Glasses do not comply with the Standard;
  • Acknowledgment that JM may have breached s65C and section 52 of the Act
  • Advice that the JM has ceased supply of the Glasses; and

Undertakings that JM will:

  • advise retailers to whom the Glasses were supplied to withdraw them from sale and return them to JM;
  • provide refunds to all parties who return the Glasses;
  • implement and maintain a trade practices compliance programme;
  • inform the Commission of the completion and results of the retail recall; and
  • place product recall notices in the relevant major capital city newspapers in the cities in which Glasses were supplied.