Heatshield Ductair Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

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  • Heatshield Ductair Pty Ltd
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Heatshield Ductair Pty Ltd, an Adelaide based air conditioning ducting manufacturer, has provided section 87B Undertakings to the ACCC in relation to false and misleading representations made about the energy efficiency of its flexible ducting products.

Heatshield Ductair engaged a research group to test the insulation aspects of its flexible ducting against a selection of its competitors’ products.  Using the test results to promote its products, the company made misleading comparison claims against its competitors.

Heatshield Ductair has undertaken to:

  • cease making the false and misleading representations;
  • apologise in writing to its customers and competitors; and
  • implement a trade practices compliance program for a period of 3 years.