Golden Circle Limited - s.87B undertaking

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  • Golden Circle Limited
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Golden Circle is a processor of fruit and vegetables in Australia. Its practice is to label its products as "Australian Grown", "Australian Made" or "Made in Australia". It came to the Commissions attention that Golden Circle had also labelled one of their products with the representation that the drink contained quality local and imported ingredients subject to seasonal availability. Golden Circle then advised the Commission that from the period 1995 - 1997, it had used certain amounts of imported orange and apple concentrate in the production of its orange and apple drinks. The Commission was concerned that this conduct could contravene s. 52 and 53(eb) of the TPA. To address these concerns, Golden Circle gave undertakings to the Commission to review and change, where necessary, the labelling of its products to ensure the representations made do not mislead or deceive consumers; to publish a corrective notice Australia-wide, explaining its conduct; and to implement a trade practices corporate compliance program to ensure such conduct does not happened again in the future.