Flinders Ports Holdings Pty Ltd - variation - s.87B undertaking

Company or individual details

  • Flinders Ports Holdings Pty Ltd
    117 687 313


On 29 April 2011 the ACCC accepted a variation to the section 87B undertaking given by Flinders Ports on 9 September 2008 to take into account Flinders Ports’ proposed acquisition of DP World (SA)’s interest in the joint venture. The variations were accepted on a confidential basis until the  acquisition was completed and made public

Broadly, the variations:

  • adapt the obligations in the undertaking so that they are relevant to the new corporate relationship described above;
  • extend the term of the undertaking  so that it will  continue until it is withdrawn by Flinders Ports with the consent of the ACCC or revoked by the ACCC;
  • expand and clarify the types of proposed transactions of which Flinders Ports must notify the ACCC in advance; and
  • expand the scope of Flinders Ports’ obligation to regularly report to the ACCC information in relation to certain requests received from third parties.