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Fantastic Furniture Pty Ltd, an importer and retailer of bedroom furniture, has acknowledged that it has contravened s65C of the Trade Practices Act due to its product, the 'Mikki high sleeper' bunk bed, not meeting the requirements of the mandatory standard for bunk beds.

The 'Mikki high sleeper' has access openings in the guardrail which may cause fall-through hazards, gaps in the guardrail and mattress base which exceeded the maximum allowable widths that could cause an entrapment hazard, and not displaying the maximum mattress height warning and supplier identification labels on the bed frames.

Fantastic Furniture has provided court enforceable undertakings to the ACCC that it will use its best endeavours to contact every customer which it supplied the 'Mikki high sleeper' and offer a full refund, publish recall notices on its website and at the point of sale in all of its stores, and establish a TPA compliance program for company staff.