Chubb Security Australia Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

Company or individual details

  • Chubb Security Australia Pty Ltd
    003 605 098


False or misleading representations in relation to mobile security services.

Undertaking to:

  • provide refunds or credits to most customers who had been, or were, with Chubb for more than three months at any time in the last three years;
  • send letters of apology to all affected consumers;
  • place public notices in national newspapers and in a security industry magazine; introduce a management control program, to carefully monitor patrol services each year, for three years;
  • implement a code of ethics for the administration of patrol services;
  • pay for a Commission officer to address the next two conferences of ASIAL, the security industry‚Äôs association; and
  • lobby for Australian Standard AS4421 to be amended to require all security firms to run trade practices compliance programs, and to ensure accuracy of all representations about levels of service.