Calair Systems Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

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  • Calair Systems Pty Ltd
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Calair has provided a court enforceable undertaking to the ACCC in respect of a number of representations it made in a brochure promoting its range of Pro-Pipe II polypropylene pipe systems for industrial applications. The brochure was available from approximately September 2001 to September 2004

Calair made representations to customers and resellers through the brochure regarding:

  • the properties of polypropylene;
  • the performance characteristics of the Pro-Pipe II System;
  • the compliance of the Pro-Pipe II System to industry standards; and
  • the availability of a 10 Year Guarantee when purchasing the PRo-Pipe II System

The ACCC is of the view that Calair's conduct in making the representations contravenes sections 52, 53(a) and 53(c) of the TPA

Calair acknowledged the ACCC's concerns and has provided court enforceable undertakings that it will:

  • not make any representation that the Pro-Pipe II System is of a particular standard or quality and/or has any other performance characteristics if the System is not of that standard or quality and/or does not have those performance characteristics;
  • send a corrective letter to licensed distributors of the Pro-Pipe II System;
  • send a corrective letter to all persons who were supplied with a Pro-Pipe II System in the last three years; and
  • require its sole director to attend trade practices compliance training and maintain a trade practices compliance folder