Burnan Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

Company or individual details

  • Burnan Pty Ltd
    006 984 934
  • Mr Keith P.W. Rolston


Burnan Pty Ltd (Burnan) trading as Resume Service promotes and supplies both a résumé service business process that can be carried on from home (the business opportunity), and résumé services.

Mr Keith P.W. Rolston is the Director and Secretary of Burnan.

The ACCC formed the view that in the sale and promotion of the business opportunities Burnan had made various misleading representations concerning the level of demand for the résumé services, and current and future profitability of the business opportunities based on the level of demand.

Amongst others, Burnan made the following representations on its website and in other promotional materials:

  • 'commence earning $300 to $500 immediately training is completed' [sic]
  • representations of a worst-case scenario regarding the level of demand for the résumé services; and
  • representations of the current and future profitability achievable by the business opportunities based upon the level of demand.

The ACCC has accepted court enforceable undertakings from Burnan and Mr Keith P.W. Rolston that:

  • Burnan and Mr Keith P.W. Rolston acknowledge the ACCC's concerns;
  • Burnan will cease making representations that persons who purchase the business opportunity will commence earning a specified amount per day immediately after training is completed;
  • Burnan will review its selling and advertising practices;
  • Burnan will positively request that prospective purchasers of the business opportunities, prior to entering into any agreement to purchase a business opportunity, seek independent advice; and
  • Burnan will implement a trade practices compliance program.