Berties Pty Ltd T/as Bertie the Bargain Butcher - s.87B undertaking

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  • Berties Pty Ltd T/as Bertie the Bargain Butcher
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Berties Pty Ltd operates two butcher shops in Launceston, Tasmania. Between September and December 2002 Berties displayed signs at its shops representing that several bulk prime meat varieties offered for sale were of Tasmanian origin (for example "whole Tasmanian rumps"). Each sign was displayed on or above the refrigerated unit containing the meat variety to which the sign referred.

From time to time during that period, some or all of the packaged bulk meat to which the signs referred was purchased by Berties from a wholesale meat supplier in Victoria, and originated from processing plants in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland.

Berties acknowledge that the representations in the signs in question were false or misleading in contravention of sections 52 and 53(eb) of the Trade Practices Act 1974 ('the Act').

In February 2003 Berties offered the ACCC court-enforceable undertakings pursuant to section 87B of the Act. Berties has undertaken not in future to misrepresent the place of origin of any product it supplies, and to implement trade practices compliance measures.