Baldwin's Tractor & Truck Wreckers Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

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  • Baldwin's Tractor & Truck Wreckers Pty Ltd
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An ACCC investigation into a market-sharing allegation in Smoky Bay on the west coast of South Australia has resulted in Baldwin's Tractor and Truck Wreckers Pty Ltd, providing a court-enforceable Undertaking. The conduct involved Baldwin's attempting to induce a competitor to provide Tia Tuckia Association Inc., an Aboriginal homeland community, with an inflated quote for repairs to a back hoe because Baldwin's had already quoted for the job and did not want to be undercut. The competitor refused to enter into the arrangement. As a result of the investigation, Baldwin's has given the ACCC a s87B Undertaking that it will:

  • Never engage in this type of conduct again;
  • Perform 65 hours of free labour for Tia Tuckia;
  • Pay the ACCC's investigation costs;
  • Apologise in writing to Tia Tuckia and to ATSIC; and
  • Publish an apology in The Koori Mail, a publication circulated nationally among Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander Communities.