Australian Discount Retail Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

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  • Australian Discount Retail Pty Ltd
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This undertaking relates to two instances of conduct by Australian Discount Retailing (Trading) Pty Ltd (ADRT).

Firstly ADRT  supplied two models of bunk beds through "The Warehouse-Where Everyone Gets a Bargain" ("The Warehouse") that may not have complied with a number of the requirements of the prescribed consumer product safety standard for bunk beds based on AS/NZ 4220:1994 Australian/New Zealand Standard Bunk Beds.

ADRT conducted an immediate voluntary recall of the bunk beds after  concerns of possible non  compliance were raised with it by the ACCC.

The bunk beds raised three areas of concern - the dimensions  of the access opening on the upper level guard rail, the absence of a warning label advising of the maximum permitted mattress height to be used on the upper level and, the height of the corner posts exceeding that allowed by the standard.

ADRT also supplied a military toy play set through The Warehouse, Go-Lo Discount Stores, Crazy Clark's and Makro Warehouse discount variety stores.

In this case the ACCC issued an advisory alert notice regarding the potential hazard prior to testing being undertaken.  The results of testing conducted on behalf of the ACCC revealed a lead content in the paint exceeding  that permitted by the banning order.

ADRT acted promptly in both instances by ceasing supply and commencing a consumer product safety recall.