Austereo Limited - s.87B undertaking

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  • Austereo Limited
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Proposed merger of radio networks. The Commission was of the view that certain aspects of the proposed merger, unless modified, may contravene s. 50 of the Trade Practices Act. To address the Commission's concerns Village and Austereo agreed to provide certain undertakings concerning:

  • the access to the relevant radio transmission facilities (the `access undertakings');
  • the divestiture of radio station Gold 104FM Melbourne (the `Melbourne divestiture undertakings'); and
  • the divestiture of radio station 6MMM or the termination of the PMFM and KYFM arrangements (the `Perth undertakings').



7 June 1995Austereo Limited - variation - s.87B undertakingvariation of original
28 October 1994Austereo Limited - s.87B undertakingoriginal