Archery Wizard Australia - s.87B undertaking

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  • Archery Wizard Australia
    96 599 385 595


In or about February 2001, Archery Wizard Australia sent to five Australian archery retailers a letter with an attached price list offering the retailers the opportunity to become retailers of Merlin Bows. A subsequent letter was sent to interested retailers which attached an amended pricing schedule. The relevant text of this letter read : "The Recommended Retail, as per attached amended pricing schedule is to be stringently adhered to."

Archery Wizard Australia have provided an undertaking that:

  • it will not engage in the resale price maintenance;
  • it will write to its Merlin Bows retailers, within 21 days, and advise them they are free to sell Merlin Bows at any price they wish;
  • it will take all reasonable steps to make itself aware of the Trade Practices Act especially in regard to resale price maintenance and issues relevant to small business.