Alliance WA Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

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  • Alliance WA Pty Ltd
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During October and November 2002 Alliance ran a series of advertisements in The West Australian promoting various mobile phones and the Vodafone "No Plans" call plan. The Commission was concerned that the advertisements may have misled customers as to the cost of calls made.

Alliance has undertaken:

1) Not to misrepresent the total cost of a mobile phone and/or calls package in its future ads and in particular not misrepresent that the cost stated in its ads includes call charges in circumstances where this is not the case

2) Should it misrepresent in any future ads that the cost of the mobile phone and/or calls package is the total cost of a mobile phone and/or calls package when it is not, not require subscribers to that mobile phone and/ or calls package to pay any charges, including any call charges, additional to the cost misrepresented in the ad as the total cost of that mobile phone and/or calls package

3) Within 7 days of the acceptance of this undertaking, call all customers who purchased any of the mobile phones referred to in the ads and who subscribed through it to No Plans

4) Advise customers that if they believe they were misled by the Ads, they can return their mobile phone to Alliance and Alliance will cancel their contract without penalty and refund any instalment payments paid by the customer for the mobile phone.

5) Within 3 months of acceptance of this undertaking implement and maintain for a period of not less than 2 years and at its own expense, a Trade Practices Compliance Program with sections 52 &53 of the Act