s.152AQ declared services register



Declared service

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission declares pursuant to section 152AL(3) of the Act that the Local Carriage Service is a "declared service" for the purposes of Part XIC of the Act.


Declaration dated 4 August 1999.

This declaration takes effect on the day on which it is notified in the Gazette.

Service description

The Local Carriage Service is a service for the carriage of telephone calls from customer equipment at an end-user's premises to separately located customer equipment of an end-user in the same standard zone.


Where words or phrases used in this declaration are defined in the Trade Practices Act 1974 or the Telecommunications Act 1997, they have the meaning given in the relevant Act.

Other definitions:

public switched telephone network is a telephone network accessible by the public providing switching and transmission facilities utilising analogue and digital technologies;

standard zone has the same meaning as in Part 8 of the Telecommunications Act 1997;

telephone calls are calls for the carriage of communications at 3.1kHz bandwidth solely by means of a public switched telephone network.