Domestic transmission capacity service 2004


Declared service

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission declares pursuant to section 152AL(3) of the Act that the Domestic Transmission Capacity Service is a "declared service" for the purposes of Part XIC of the Act.


On 7 April 2004 the ACCC declared the domestic transmission capacity service. This was notified in the Gazette.

The previous declaration for this service expired on 31 March 2004.

This declaration for this service expires on 31 March 2009.

Service description

The Domestic Transmission Capacity Service is a service for the carriage of certain communications from one transmission point to another transmission point via network interfaces at a designated rate on a permanent basis by means of guided and/or unguided electromagnetic energy, except communications between:

  1. one customer transmission point and another customer transmission point; and
  2. a transmission point in an exempt capital city and a transmission point in another exempt capital city;
  3. a transmission point in Sydney and a transmission point in any of the following regional centres; Albury, Lismore, Newcastle, Grafton, Wollongong, Taree and Dubbo;
  4. a transmission point in Melbourne and a transmission point in any of the following regional centres; Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and Shepparton;
  5. a transmission point in Brisbane and a transmission point in any of the following regional centres; Toowoomba and Gold Coast;
  6. a transmission point in Adelaide and a transmission point in Murray Bridge; and
  7. one access seeker network location and another access seeker network location.


Where words or phrases used in this declaration are defined in the Trade Practices Act 1974 or the Telecommunications Act 1997, they have the meaning as given in the relevant Act.

Other definitions:

an access seeker network location is a point in a network operated by a service provider that is not a point of interconnection or a customer transmission point; and

an exempt capital city means Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney; and

a customer transmission point is a point located at customer equipment at a service provider’s customer’s premises in Australia (for the avoidance of doubt, a customer in this context may be another service provider); and

a designated rate is a transmission rate of 2.048 Megabits per second, 4.096 Megabits per second, 6.144 Megabits per second, 8.192 Megabits per second, 34 to 45 Megabits per second, 140/155 Megabits per second (or higher orders);

a point of interconnection is a physical point of connection in Australia between a network operated by a carrier or a carriage service provider and another network operated by a service provider; and,

a transmission point is any of the following:

  1. a point of interconnection;
  2. a customer transmission point;
  3. an access seeker network location.