Declarations no longer in operation



Declared service

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission declares pursuant to section 152AL(3) of the Act that the Digital Data Access Service is a "declared service" for the purposes of Part XIC of the Act.


This declaration expired on 30 June 2005.

Service was deemed to be declared on 30 June 1997.

Varied on 4 November 1998 with the variation notified in the Gazette.

Service description

The Digital Data Service is a service for the carriage of certain communications, being data in digital form, between customer equipment at an end-user's premises in Australia and a point of interconnection, where:

  1. the customer equipment is directly connected to a carrier's or carriage service provider's network; and
  2. the carriage is capable of occurring at:
    • an X.50 rate using X.50 interfaces; or
    • an nx64 rate using nx64 interfaces; and
  3. the carriage interworks with higher management facilities and network controls.


Where words or phrases used in this declaration are defined in the Trade Practices Act 1974 or the Telecommunications Act 1997, they have the meaning given in the relevant Act.

Other definitions:

nx64 interfaces are X.21, V.35 and G.703/G.704 interfaces, with up to 8 service interfaces per customer access; 

an nx64 rate is a rate of transmission equal to (n times 64 kilobits per second), where 'n' is a whole number between 1 and 31 (both inclusive);

a point of interconnection is a physical point of connection in Australia between the network to which the relevant customer equipment is directly connected and a network operated by another service provider;

X.50 interfaces are X.21, X.21bis and V.35(48 kilobits per second) interfaces, with one service interface per customer access;

an X.50 rate is a rate of transmission equal to 1200 bits per second, 2400 bits per second, 4800 bits per second, 9600 bits per second, 19.2 kilobits per second or 48 kilobits per second.