Published arbitration determinations — internal interconnect cable — line sharing service and unconditioned local loop service (LSS & ULLS)


In November 2012 the ACCC made final determinations in 13 access disputes in relation to the LSS and or ULLS declared services. The access disputes were between Telstra Corporation Limited (Telstra) and each of: Adam Internet Pty Ltd; Agile Pty Ltd; Chime Communications Pty Ltd (Chime); Netspace Networks Pty Ltd; Network Technology (Aust) Pty Ltd; Wideband Networks Pty Ltd and TPG Internet Pty Ltd.

Each arbitration concerned the charge levied by Telstra for the internal interconnect cable which is a necessary component for the provision of the LSS and ULLS declared services.

In December 2012 the ACCC decided to publish two final determinations and a statement of reasons in the access disputes between Chime and Telstra in relation to the LSS and ULLS services.

Chime/Telstra - LSS and ULLS final determinations and statement of reasons - November 2012