Statement of differences: Wholesale Broadband Agreement variation and term extension, NBN Co and multiple parties, 7 February 2014


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This statement of differences was given to the ACCC on 7 February 2014 by NBN Co in respect to access agreements entered into by NBN Co and the following access seekers:

  1. Amcom Pty Ltd
  2. Eftel Pty Ltd
  3. M2 Telecommunications Group
  4. Nextgen Networks Pty Ltd
  5. Symbio Wholesale Pty Ltd
  6. Anittel Communications Pty Ltd
  7. Nextgen Networks Pty Ltd

This access agreement contains differences from the standard form of access agreement (SFAA) as published by NBN Co on 13 December 2013 (Wholesale Broadband Agreement 2).

Link to the SFAA: