Sydney Airport Corporation (SACL) - September 2002


Sydney Airports Corporation Limited (SACL) notified the Commission in September 2002 of its proposal to offer a passenger-based charge for regional air services at the common use terminal now known as Terminal 2 (the former Ansett domestic terminal).

SACL proposed to offer regional users of Terminal 2 the choice of electing to pay a terminal charge on either of two bases. Users could elect to pay existing charges, originally approved for users of the Domestic Express Terminal, for terminal facilities, apron parking and check in counters, or pay a new Passenger Facilitation Charge of $4.50 per arriving and departing passenger.

The Commission considered that the proposed price structure was unlikely to lead to a price increase for regional users in excess of the increase in the CPI and hence did not object to the proposal. The Commission released its final decision in October 2002.