Public competition assessments

The ACCC provides a public competition assessment outlining the basis for reaching its final conclusion in an informal merger review where:

  • a merger is rejected
  • a merger is subject to enforceable s. 87B undertakings
  • the merger parties seek such disclosure or
  • a merger is approved but raises important issues that the ACCC considers should be made public.

Public competition assessments aim to provide the market with a better understanding of the ACCC's analysis of various markets and associated merger and competition issues. Assessments will also alert the market to the circumstances where the ACCC's assessment of the competitive conditions in particular markets is changing, or is likely to change, because of developments — for example — in technological change or previous mergers in those particular markets.

The ACCC will endeavour to publish public competition assessments on the website shortly after making a decision, recognising that more complex matters that raise significant competition issues may require more time to ensure the reasons are in a publishable form, taking into account any legal and commercial sensitivities.

The ACCC has put in place processes to protect confidential information provided either by the merger parties or information arising from market inquiries. This includes protecting the identity of market participants who provide sensitive market intelligence. The ACCC believes that in the majority of cases it will be possible to provide an appropriately detailed explanation of the basis for the ACCC reaching its finalised view while protecting confidential information and its sources. Where this is not possible, maintaining confidentiality will be the ACCC's paramount concern.

Public competition assessments are provided for informal merger reviews only. Determinations for applications for merger authorisation may be found on the ACCC's merger authorisations register.

Document Date
Gunns Limited - proposed acquisition of ITC Timber Pty Ltd - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 121.81 KB ) 24 Dec 2009
Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia Limited - proposed acquisition of Ernst & Young's tax compliance software products - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 164.6 KB ) 19 Nov 2009
Pfizer Inc - proposed merger with Wyeth Corp - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 172.47 KB ) 18 Nov 2009
National Australia Bank Ltd (NAB) - proposed acquisition of mortgage management business from Challenger Financial Services Group Limited - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 163.81 KB ) 13 Nov 2009
POTA NSW Pty Ltd - proposed acquisition of Maritime Container Services Pty Ltd - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 181.96 KB ) 15 Sep 2009
Rheem Australia Pty Ltd - proposed acquisition of Aqua-Max Pty Ltd - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 149.26 KB ) 30 Jul 2009
Woolworths Limited - proposed acquisition of Macro Wholefoods Market - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 112.71 KB ) 14 Jul 2009
Vodafone Group plc and Hutchison 3G Australia Pty Limited - proposed merger of Australian mobile operations - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 196.96 KB ) 24 Jun 2009
Chinalco (Aluminium Corporation of China) - proposed acquisition of interests in Rio Tinto plc and Rio Tinto Ltd - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 107.98 KB ) 25 Mar 2009
P & M Quality Smallgoods Pty Ltd (Primo) - proposed acquisition of Hans Continental Smallgoods Pty Ltd - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 112.08 KB ) 13 Mar 2009
Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd - proposed acquisition of Bartter Enterprises Pty Ltd - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 161.28 KB ) 27 Feb 2009
Commonwealth Bank of Australia - proposed acquisition of BankWest and St Andrew's Australia - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 167.1 KB ) 10 Dec 2008
WPP Group - proposed acquisition of Taylor Nelson Sofres plc - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 1.82 MB ) 7 Nov 2008
Ramsay Health Care Limited - proposed acquisition of the Coolenberg Clinic day surgery (currently closed) at Port Macquarie, NSW - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 90.46 KB ) 23 Oct 2008
BHP Billiton Ltd - proposed acquisition of Rio Tinto Ltd and Rio Tinto plc - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 108.95 KB ) 1 Oct 2008
Flinders Ports Pty Ltd - proposed joint venture with DP World (SA) Pty Ltd - Public Competition Assessments ( PDF 875.38 KB ) 24 Sep 2008
National Foods Limited and Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory Company Holdings Limited - proposed acquisition of Australian Co-operative Foods Limited (Dairy Farmers) - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 1.29 MB ) 19 Sep 2008
Westpac Banking Corporation - proposed acquisition of St George Bank Limited - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 112.37 KB ) 13 Aug 2008
Woolworths Limited - proposed acquisition of Karabar Supabarn - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 124.16 KB ) 15 Jul 2008
Lake Imaging & Western Medical Imaging - proposed merger - Public Competition Assessment ( PDF 98.99 KB ) 12 May 2008