Greencross Ltd (Greencross Vets) - completed acquisition of CF Group Holdings Pty Ltd (City Farmers)


  • Greencross Ltd (Greencross Vets)


  • CF Group Holdings Pty Ltd (City Farmers)


Greencross Ltd has acquired CF Group Holdings Pty Ltd (City Farmers). City Farmers is a speciality pet care retailer with 42 stores across Australia.


07/07/2014ACCC commenced review under the Merger Process Guidelines.
17/07/2014Greencross completed the acquisition.
25/07/2014Closing date for submissions from interested parties.
19/08/2014ACCC requested further information from the merger parties.
22/09/2014ACCC received further information from Greencross.
06/10/2014ACCC received additional further information from Greencross.
27/11/2014The ACCC announced that, based on the information available, it would discontinue its investigation into the completed acquisition at this stage. The ACCC will however continue to monitor the effect of the acquisition on competition among pet specialty retailers.