Alinta Ltd - proposed acquisition of AGL


  • Alinta Ltd


  • The Australian Gaslight Company


Matter withdrawn

Market definition

Please refer to Public Competition Assessment.

Competition analysis

Please refer to Public Competition Assessment.

Statement of issues

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Public competition assessment

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29/03/2006Alinta provides draft s87B undertakings for public consultation
30/03/2006Alinta provides substantial submission on competition issues
26/04/2006Alinta and AGL announce heads of agreement to merge
28/04/2006Market inquiries to be completed.
31/05/2006Alinta formally offers revised undertakings.
02/06/2006Market inquiries extended to this date to encompass joint merger proposal.
16/06/2006ACCC releases Statement of Issues
03/07/2006Market inquiries in relation to Statement of Issues completed
03/08/2006Matter suspended from consideration, pending further information from Alinta
21/09/2006Alinta withdraws proposal and ACCC discontinues its review