Woolworths Limited - GST compliance declaration


Woolworths Limited


As part of Woolworths' long established Trade Practices Compliance Program, Woolworths will use all reasonable endeavours to:

(a) comply with the Act, in particular Part VB of the Act;

(b) not engage in price exploitation in relation to ANTS;

(c) pass on to consumers any net cost benefits which result from ANTS;

(d) advertise and display prices as GST inclusive in a way that is not misleading or deceptive; and

(e) continue to ensure that Woolworths has an effective Trade Practices Compliance Program which will continue to be materially in accordance with the provisions of Australian Standard 3806 (1998).

Final ACCC acknowledgment

Woolworths Limited has completed it’s repricing associated with the New Tax System and has met the requirements of it’s Public Compliance Commitment agreement with the ACCC.