The Victorian Government (Public Transport Fares) - GST compliance declaration


The Victorian Government (Public Transport Fares)


The Public Compliance Commitment is provided by the Director of Public Transport on behalf of the Victorian Government in its role in setting public transport fares in Victoria. The Director of Public Transport is an officer of the Department of Infrastructure.

This Public Compliance Commitment is provided to give the people of Victoria confidence that public transport fares from 1 July 2000, under the New Tax System, have been set having regard to Part VB of the Trade Practices Act 1974 and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's Price Exploitation Guidelines. References in the Public Compliance Commitment to public transport operators refer to the operators of the metropolitan and rural rail, coach and bus transport services in Victoria.

These include Bayside Trains, Hillside Trains, Swanston Trams, Yarra Trams, V/Line Passenger, metropolitan bus services, V/Line marketed services, country bus services, Hoys Rail and West Coast Rail. The Department does not operate any services in its own right.