Ergon Energy - GST compliance declaration


Ergon Energy


"Ergon Energy" (comprising Ergon Energy Corporation Limited and Ergon energy Pty Ltd, Ergon Energy Gas Pty Ltd, Ergon Energy (Victoria) Pty Ltd, and Northern electricity retail Corporation Pty Ltd (NERC) is making a public commitment to comply with the law governing The New Tax System and with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) GST Pricing Guidelines.
The commitment applies only to the unregulated aspects of Ergon Energy's business.

Commitment to comply

As part of this commitment, Ergon Energy will:

  • Comply with the Trade Practices Act, in particular Part VB of the Act relating to price exploitation;
  • Not engage in price exploitation in relation to the New Tax System;
  • Comply with the ACCC's price exploitation guidelines, as expanded in this commitment;
  • Pass on to consumers any net cost savings arising from the New Tax System changes;
  • Advertise and display GST-inclusive prices in a manner that is not misleading or deceptive, and
  • Ensure it has an effective GST compliance program.