Coles Myer Limited - GST compliance declaration


Coles Myer Limited


At Coles Myer we are committed to:

  • Complying with the Trade Practices Act, in particular Part VB;
  • Not engaging in price exploitation in relation to the New Tax System;
  • Complying with the ACCC's price exploitation guidelines pursuant to section 75AV of the Trade Practices Act and as expanded in this document;
  • Passing on to customers any net cost benefits realised as a result of the New Tax System changes. Coles Myer has informed the ACCC of its approach in this regard.
  • Advertising and displaying GST inclusive prices in a manner which is not misleading or deceptive;
  • Ensuring that there is a compliance program in place in relation to the above matters; and
  • Liasing regularly with the ACCC, through a nominated Coles Myer liaison officer.

This commitment is made publicly to ensure a high level of customer confidence in our compliance program and in our genuine desire to comply. Indeed, Coles Myer intends to comply with the highest levels of consumer protection required under the Trade Practices Act and to co-operate with the ACCC in its administration of the Price Exploitation and the New Tax System Guidelines ("the guidelines").

Final ACCC acknowledgment

Coles Myer Limited has completed it’s repricing associated with the New Tax System and has met the requirements of it’s Public Compliance Commitment agreement with the ACCC.