BOC Gases Australia Limited - GST compliance declaration


BOC Gases Australia Limited


The Public Compliance Commitment provided by BOC Gases Australia Ltd details the approach taken by BOC in implementing price changes under the New Tax System. BOC Gases supplies a wide range of industrial gases, specialty gases, welding & safety equipment and gas related products to a wide range of business and private consumers.

BOC has prepared its Public Compliance Commitment in accordance with the ACCC's Price Exploitation Guidelines. The purpose of the Public Compliance Commitment is to confirm BOC's intention to comply with the Guidelines and not engage in price exploitation.

The PCC details the commitments BOC has made and outlines steps BOC has taken concerning estimating cost changes, implementation costs etc. to ensure compliance with Part VB of the Trade Practices Act 1974. It also shows that BOC is developing the systems, procedures and policies to actively ensure compliance.

Final ACCC acknowledgment

BOC Gasses Australia Limited has completed it’s repricing associated with the New Tax System and has met the requirements of it’s Public Compliance Commitment agreement with the ACCC.