Aus-Meat Ltd - CTM application - 2078679


Aus-Meat Ltd



AUS-MEAT has lodged an application to register a certification trade mark “Fodder Fed” (CTM 2078679). The mark is intended to indicate that meat products marked with the Fodder Fed CTM have met a number of standards relating to systems management, product integrity, and environmental management.

Initial assessment

On 19 January 2021, the ACCC issued an Initial Assessment proposing not to grant a certificate. A copy of the initial assessment is available below.

AUS-MEAT of any other interested person who wishes to comment on this initial assessment has one calendar month from the date IP Australia publishes the initial assessment in the Official Journal of Trademarks to lodge a submission with the ACCC and/or request that the ACCC hold a conference to make an oral submission.

Submissions should be emailed to with the subject “CTM 2078679 – AUS-MEAT - Submission”.

Submissions will be placed on the ACCC’s public CTM Register, subject to any request for exclusion. Please indicate clearly in your submission whether you are willing for the ACCC to make it publicly available by placing it on our CTM Register, or are requesting that part or all of it be excluded (with brief reasons for any exclusion request).

After holding a conference (if one is called) and considering any written submissions, the ACCC will proceed to make its final assessment.