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On 17 January 2001, the ACCC accepted court-enforceable Undertakings from PaperlinX Limited. The Undertakings address the ACCCs competition concerns regarding the proposed acquisition by PaperlinX of the shares in Spicers Paper Limited not already owned by PaperlinX.
Primus shall write to all customers churned between 16 March and 30 November 2000 outlining ACCC's investigation into unauthorised customer transfer ('slamming') and the Federal Court orders made as a result of the conduct of Primus and Primus' agents.
Shinn Fu (Australia) Pty Ltd has provided a section 87B undertaking to the ACCC in respect of the supply of vehicle jacks that do not comply with the mandatory safety standard. Shinn Fu has already placed product recall notices in all major Australian newspapers and has undertaken to implement a trade practices compliance program.
In May 2000, Gateway Pty Ltd (Gateway Computers) ran a newspaper advertising campaign in which Gateway represented "Save up to $699 before the GST". The Commission was concerned that this advertisement may have misled consumers as to the likely effect of the New Tax System on the price of computers following the abolition of the 22% WST and the introduction of the 10% GST.
In July 2000, the ACCC commenced an investigation into complaints that it had received on a nationwide basis in relation to the promotion of One.Tel's 'Switch' product. One.Tel, through its agents, had been promoting its Switch product by means of door-to-door sales since April 2000 and outbound telemarketing since May 2000.