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Johnstone Shire Council and IQC Quarries have undertaken to delete a stipulation in a Lease Agreement between the Johnstone Shire Council and IQC Quarries that required all contracts let by the Johnstone Shire Council and requiring the use of quarry products, to stipulate that those quarry products would be purchased from IQC Quarries.
From 29 January 2000 and throughout 2000, Greg Norman Production Company (GNPC), a subsidiary of Great White Shark Enterprises, was the manager of an unincorporated joint venture named the 2000 Shark Challenge Competition ('the Competition') until about August 2000 when management of the Competition was transferred to Universal Sports Challenge Limited (USCL).
Background Ergoline is a major distributor of sunbeds in Australia. It distributed a range of brochures to tanning salon operators. The Commission considered the brochures contained misleading claims because they suggested that solarium tanning brings health benefits and carries no risks.

NEC - Extension of 9G

8 August 2001
A. Royale & Co. (Aust) Pty Ltd ("A. Royale") is one of the leading suppliers of belts in Australia. In 1988 it began to import belts comprising a combination of leather and/or reconstituted or bonded leather and other non-leather components.
Mike Carney Motors has given undertakings not to: advertise motor vehicle prices as being exclusive of GST; make false representations concerning the accessories available on vehicles for a particular advertised price; and advertise an "on the road drive away" price where there are additional compulsory costs.
The Australian Indoor Tanning Association Pty Ltd provides the solarium industry with educational material and training courses on the use of solarium equipment. The Commission considered that the Association had distributed misleading promotional material because it contained statements suggesting that solarium tanning brings health benefits and carries no risks.
Forrester Kurts acknowledges representations regarding negative gearing opportunities of real estate, and the availability of Qantas Frequent Flyer Points for purchasers, are in contravention of s52 and s53(e) of the Trade Practices Act.