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Misleading and deceptive conduct and false representations in relation to labelling on orange juice products. Undertakings given to: cease using the label ‘Orchard Fresh’ on any future packaging; place corrective advertising in a WA newspaper; and implement a trade practices compliance program.
Misleading conduct in relation to country of origin labelling of baseball caps. Undertakings given to: place corrective advertising offering refunds; develop and implement a trade practices compliance program for executive directors and staff; and implement checking procedures to prevent the re-occurrence of similar labelling problems.
Misleading and deceptive conduct in relation to a wiring repair plan. Undertakings given: to cease charging for the plan; and to use its best endeavours to refund to current and non-current customers the amount paid for the plan since 1992, including by placing advertisements in newspapers asking non-current customers to contact Telstra regarding a refund.
Price fixing arrangements in relation to frozen foods in Tasmania. Undertakings given to: provide trade practices compliance training, as well as a comprehensive compliance manual, to its employees, servants or agents; and examine its practices and policies to ensure they comply with the Trade Practices Act.
Misleading labelling on two of its juice products. Undertakings given to place corrective advertising in newspapers, and to adhere to a corporate compliance program.
Proposed acquisition by Sigma of QDL was not opposed, because the concerns raised by the Commission that the acquisition would reduce competition in the pharmaceuticals wholesaling business in Victoria.
Misleading representations that goods would be transported by air when they were often transported by road.
Price fixing. Compliance undertakings.