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In May 2002 Kirin Direct Marketing Pty Ltd sent customers who had taken the model kit series Building the Bounty a letter indicating that if they did not wish to receive a new model kit series, Building the Cutty Sark, they should return the form opting out of the new series.
Hill End Recreational Park Pty Ltd was incorporated on 15 September 2003. The Director/Secretary of the company was Brendon Davenport until 10 December 2003 and from that date forward Michael Braithwaite.

On 14 April 2004, the ACCC received a notice from Airservices Australia (Airservices) stating that Airservices proposes to introduce a temporary price for an aviation rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) service located at Ayers Rock Airport which is declared under section 95X of the Act.

In 2001 the Commission instituted proceedings against Chaste Corporation Pty Ltd (in liquidation) and associated persons, including Mr Constantine Xenoudakis. The proceedings involve, inter alia, alleged resale price maintenance and misleading and deceptive conduct.
Astrix Pty Ltd and its directors, Mr John Thomas and Mr Roy Trkulja, operated a number of websites which promoted and sold the ECA Stack weight loss product. Each of Astrix's websites included representations about ECA Stack product, its efficacy and safety.
Sonya Valentine Pty Ltd trading as Sova Imports (the company) has supplied sunglasses that do not comply with the mandatory product safety standard for sunglasses and fashion spectacles (the Standard).
Since 1997 Danoz Direct Pty Ltd, Danoz Directions Pty Ltd and Emjoi Australasia Pty Ltd ("Danoz") promoted and sold pest repellent devices branded Pest Contro and Pest Offense in Australia. These devices plug into a power point and allegedly repel cockroaches, rats, mice and other household pests.
Replaced by undertaking dated 1st Aug, 2006 which has been replaced by undertaking dated 4th Oct, 2006 The undertaking requires AGL and GEAC to provide information to the ACCC concerning hedges, derivative transactions and power purchase agreements