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Amendments to the Co-ops by-laws raised concerns that they may be in breach of sections 45 and 46 of the TPA by (i) preventing, restricting or limiting taxi drivers from supplying taxi services otherwise than through the Co-ops radio network; and (ii) used a points or roster system to allocate jobs amongst taxi drivers.
Date registered 29/06/1998 TRIM no CE98/3-01 Telecommunications Access Forum Telecommunications access code
Mobile Innovations engaged in promotional activities which raised concerns under the misleading conduct provisions of the TPA. This undertaking was given to augment an earlier 87B undertaking.
Between at least 5 May 1998 and 25 May 1998 Mr Nagel promoted via email news services the Money Maker scheme. Under the Scheme, participants made payments to participate in the Scheme, and received information on how to multiply their money.
On 1 May, 1997, the Commission expressed concerns the proposed acquisition of the businesses of News research and Monitoring Perth Media by Media Monitors (WA) Pty Ltd may have the effect of substantially lessening competition in the relevant market/s for media monitoring services.
The Part A Competition notice dated 28 May 1998 (in force 5 June 1998) was: varied on 2 June 1998; and revoked on 17 June 1998. A further Part A Competition notice was issued on 17 June 1998 (in force 26 June 1998) and was revoked by notice issued on 22 June 1998.
The Commission considers Mr Wilson breached s61 of the Act by engaging in pyramid selling over the internet. The Commission also considers that such action was misleading and deceptive, contrary to s52 of the Act.
The Commission alleges that in supplying various CSIRO documents Korab: (i) engaged in conduct that is misleading or deceptive or likely to be misleading or deceptive in contravention of s52 of the Trade Practices Act; (ii) falsely represented that goods had an approval which they did not in fact possess in contravention of section 53(c) of the Act.
The Commission considered that a number of internet schemes set up by Mr. Tischler involved pyramid selling, contrary to section 61 of the Trade Practices Act. In addition, the Commission considered that Mr.
The Commission considers the Pay Two Bills promotion by Australia Post was misleading, or likely to mislead, and thus inadvertently contravened s52 of the TPA. Australia Post have agreed to a number of issues outlined in the undertaking.