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Queensland Newsagents Federation Ltd has provided the Commission with s. 87B undertakings following its suspension of two QNF members for invading another member's territory in breach of the QNF Code of Ethics.
FFE Building Services Ltd were involved in litigation by the ACCC relating to price-fixing and market sharing conduct in the Queensland Fire Protection industry in breach of sections 45(2)(a)(ii) and 45(2)(b)(ii) of the Act.
Smorgon Steel Group Limited (SSG) and OneSteel Limited (OS) have provided the Commission with an undertaking in relation to their joint bid for Email Limited. The undertaking has been offered in response to competition concerns expressed by the Commission.
Variation to 2000 Undertaking received 08/02/01. Date for original audit report changed to 30 June for each of 2001, 2002 and 2003 so that the audit of the compliance program may be done concurrently with other legally required audits.
C7 has undertaken to ensure that it will use it's best endeavours to ensure it will not publish or broadcast any representation which is false or misleading in relation to the programming of C7 channels.
After conducting market inquiries, the ACCC determined that the proposed merger would not substantially lessen competition in the markets for the retailing of rural merchandise in Western Australia and the distribution of fertiliser in Western Australia on the basis that certain Undertakings would be provided by Wesfarmers Dalgety and IAMA.
Mayne Nickless Limited ('MNL') has undertaken to divest four hospitals as part of it's proposed acquisition of Australian Hospital Care. In particular, MNL has undertaken to divest each of Allamanda Hospital, Mitcham Hospital, Northpark Hospital and South Eastern Hospital.
The price of Sun Imports tanning products increased by a full 10% with the implementation of the GST despite the removal of a 22%wholesale sales tax which, in the absence of other factors, should have resulted in a reduction in the price of these products as a result of the changes arising under the New Tax System.
On 17 January 2001, the ACCC accepted court-enforceable Undertakings from PaperlinX Limited. The Undertakings address the ACCCs competition concerns regarding the proposed acquisition by PaperlinX of the shares in Spicers Paper Limited not already owned by PaperlinX.
Primus shall write to all customers churned between 16 March and 30 November 2000 outlining ACCC's investigation into unauthorised customer transfer ('slamming') and the Federal Court orders made as a result of the conduct of Primus and Primus' agents.