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The parties were involved in litigation by the ACCC relating to price-fixing and market sharing conduct in the Queensland Fire Protection industry in breach of sections 45(2)(a)(ii) and 45(2)(b)(ii) of the Act.
Centrebuy Direct Pty Ltd placed advertisements in major metropolitan newspapers for a 'Muscletone' Electronic Muscle Stimulation device indicating certain health benefits could be gained without effort.
Aqua Acts Down Under issued brochures with misleading representations about the effect of GST on Easter Kids Camps. Aqua Acts Down Under provided undertakings to distribute apology letters, offer refunds and publish corrective advertisements in the local paper.
The Commission received a complaint in relation to an advertisement produced by Apollo that stated "Beat the GST & Get off Scot-free...Don't sit there till June 30 and wait to be taxed! Order your blinds from Apollo".
General Electric ("GE") worldwide is active in ensuring compliance to the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which the businesses operate. Our compliance with the price exploitation guidelines ("Guidelines") issued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ("Commission") represents another platform in our broad compliance program within Australia.