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Ampco Automotive Pty Ltd and Australian Disc Brakes Pty Ltd are responsible for the manufacture and distribution of disc brake pads. The Commission expressed concern that the packaging used by Ampco and ADB gave consumers the impression that the brake pads sold by Ampco and ADB were Australian Made.

This Part A Competition notice dated 6 September 2001 (in force 30 November 2001) was: varied on 30 November 2001; and revoked on 15 May 2002

Quix operates 99 convenience stores across Australia, except the Northern Territory and Tasmania, retailing automotive products, groceries, fast food, and other consumable products. In conjuction with the convenience stores, Quix also sells Mobil branded petroleum.
Tele Choice Pty Ltd ("Tele Choice") sells telecommunications products and services and in March 2001 offered a free bicycle to consumers who entered into a contract to purchase a mobile phone. The bicyle failed to comply with requirements of the mandatory standard.
Variation to Undertaking received on 16th May 2000 from Moore Talk Communications Pty Ltd.
Marsh Pty Ltd have undertaken to: notify affected policy holders that have not made a payment that no payment is required; provide a refund to policy holders who have made a payment; and develop and implement a Trade Practices compliance program which complies with AS 3806-1998.
Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ), Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Westpac Bank are entering into an arrangement for the acquisition and management of transportation and cash processing activities.
The Hoyts Corporation Ltd and The Greater Union Organisation Pty Ltd have co-located their cinema operations in the Brisbane CBD and have given court-enforceable undertakings that they will not share screens and will independently determine ticket prices and what films to exhibit.
Smaji Management Pty Ltd (ITP) acknowledge that print and television advertisements offering a 48 hour tax refund service without conditions may have misled consumers as the service was not a refund but a loan against the amount of refund that ITP calculated the consumer would get from the Australian Taxation Office.
Entee Food & Beverage Wholesalers and Distributors Pty Ltd manufacture and supply fruit juice in the Northern Territory.