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Metricon offered an undertaking to the ACCC as a result of an investigation into an allegation that Metricon sales staff were making misleading representations about the effect of GST on building costs.
The Australasian Institute Pty Limited ('TAI') operates as a provider/deliverer of various educational courses over the internet. In early 1999, TAI published or caused to be published various representations, regarding educational courses offered and/or delivered by TAI, in the print media and on its website.
Maurice Kain a supplier of curtain and upholstery fabrics, allegedly engaged in retail price maintenance when it refused supply to Bargain Upholstery Fabrics (BUF) of known willingness to discount prices.
Sarai Holdings Pty Ltd, trading as Zoeros Lifeskills Training (Sarai) made an incorrect representation in a promotional letter stating that the price of a training course would rise in February 2000 from $395 to $495 due to GST Government changes.
Over the period August 1990 September 1998, Tyco, trading as Wormald Fire Systems failed to perform approximately half of its contracts to inspect, test and maintain fire protection systems. Tyco has provided undertakings to compensate affected customers, conduct an internal review, and upgrade its compliance program.