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Copperart is a retailer of consumer and household goods, with stores in all States and Territories of Australia. It came to the Commission's attention that Copperart stores displayed information by way of signs, setting out a particular policy regarding exchanges and refunds.
For a two-week period in early September 1999, a television advertisement was broadcast on a number of occasions on a Townsville television station. The advertisement was placed by a representative of Relyt P/L and S & S Thomson Investments P/L, the corporate owners of the used vehicle dealer, Dollar Wheels.
Sherpa Outdoor Equipment Pty Ltd (Sherpa) incorrectly labelled their Polytherm range of thermal underwear as a composition of Polypropylene and Spandex. The actual garments were labelled 95% Polypropylene and 5% Spandex.
Mavjon Investments Pty Ltd, trading as Country Snack Delights, made false representations in relation to its "Muesli & Apricot Slice" and "Fruit Cocktail Slice". These representations were in contravention of ss.
In July 1999 Ray White (Real Estate) Pty Ltd trading as Ray White Investor Services published an advertisement in the July edition of the Express in Townsville. The advertisement promoted the theme of beating the GST and was titled 'Property investors beat GST'.