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It was alleged that Brumar Services Pty. Ltd. had failed to pass on the 29 July 1999 reduction of wholesale sales tax from 32% to 22% for their "Aerial" brand watch, in breach of s. 75AU TPA. Brumar undertakes to place point-of-sale corrective advertising, to offer refunds to customers, and to institute a compliance program concerning s.
Gasgo has provided this Undertaking for the purpose of settling Court proceedings instituted against it by the ACCC. Gasgo undertakes not to exercise its pre-emptive right, contained in a gas purchase agreement between Gasgo and the Mereenie Producers, in respect of third party gas sales, in specified circumstances.
One.Tel has provided undertakings in response to ACCC concerns about their reliance on variation clauses to vary its mobile phone customer contracts in breach of TPA Sections 52, 53, 53(g), 51AB. One.Tel undertakes to amend contract, not to vary existing customer contracts, provide refunds, finish TPA compliance program and sign up to ACIF Code.