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s. 52 Singapore Airlines distributed a flyer advertising "Great Frequent Flyer Points" through Ansett Global Rewards System, for passengers flying from Jan 1998 economy class . In reality, under this system, Global Reward Points could not be earnt.
Acepark sells a computer software betting/investment program to public and has operated under different names. ACCC is of the view that Acepark has contravened ss. 51AB, 52, 53(c), 53(d), and 59(1) TPA.
Acquisition of Port of Hastings
Geelong Port is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toll Transport. GP has given undertaking in order to not contravene s. 50 TPA. The essence of the undertaking is the same as the undertaking given by its parent company.
Toll Trans is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toll Holdings. Concerns that the managment of the business of the port of Hastings by Toll Trans may SLC, contravening s. 50 TPA. Toll Holdings undertakes to not prevent/hinder any business operator from using/proposing to use the port of Hastings for usual commercial purposes.
Acquisition of interests of port of Geelong by Toll Transport may result in SLC, contravening s. 50 TPA. Undertaking to not hinder or prevent the operator of any business using/intending to use port of Geelong for the purposes (specified) of which the port is normally used.
'Beat the GST' misleading representation. ss. 52, 53(e). Advertisement represented that price of used cars would be more once GST was introduced, when there may be a drop in price. Lennock undertakes to not publish the same/similar representations nor make representations to customers of this nature.
ss. 52, 53(f): PC Resq giving misleading info on its website and in newspaper articles about lack of Y2K compliance of new computers being sold currently.
ss. 52, 53 & 79: RNP collected and opened mail addressed to mailboxes of 3 Qld towns for a Canadian company TLC. TLC operated a lottery subscription service but advertised itself as "International Monetary Funding", which it had no relationship to.