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ss. 52, 53(f): PC Resq giving misleading info on its website and in newspaper articles about lack of Y2K compliance of new computers being sold currently.
ss. 52, 53 & 79: RNP collected and opened mail addressed to mailboxes of 3 Qld towns for a Canadian company TLC. TLC operated a lottery subscription service but advertised itself as "International Monetary Funding", which it had no relationship to.
s. 46. Western allegedly refused to accept advertisements from Tradesmen You Can Trust (TYCT). Western operates the only two commercial radio stations in Dubbo and had previously accepted advertisements from TYCT.
An ACCC investigation into a market-sharing allegation in Smoky Bay on the west coast of South Australia has resulted in Baldwin's Tractor and Truck Wreckers Pty Ltd, providing a court-enforceable Undertaking.
Freedom Furniture misled consumers with respect to Consumer rights to a refund for unsatisfactory goods, ss. 52 and 53(g). FF has undertaken: to not misrepresent Consumer rights; to inform its franchisees, servants and agents of these undertakings; that it will not display its old refund policy; and to adopt and implement a Trade Practices compliance program.
RWA engaged in exclusive dealing, s. 47(6) in refusing Flagstaff Real Estate access to database because Flagstaff was not a member of REINT. RWA have undertaken to give Flagstaff membership. RWA will not, for 3 years, refuse membership or access to database.
McDonalds' advertising of chicken burger as grilled is potential breach of s. 52 and s. 53(a) TPA. McDonalds has undertaken to cease advertising the subject burgers as grilled, and will not advertise any of its products as grilled without advance notice to the ACCC where the products are cooked by a specified method.
Merger. Each of the parties will do all within their power to procure the disposal of the manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing cigarettes and other tobacco products listed in schedule 1 (confidential).
Undertaking relates to the share and asset acquisition agreement between Waratah and the vendors all issued shares in Hunter Towage Services, and the purchase of the tug "Ballina" from BHP Transport.
Internic is a supplier of brokerage services for the registration of second level Internet domain names and is a supplier of computer software goods. The allegations include generally: Internic represented to the public that is the website operated by InterNIC and that anyone purchasing services from the Internic website was dealing with and purchasing services from the InterNIC.