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Southern Motors Pty Ltd (Southern Motors) trades under the name Jason Mazda and carries on the business of selling new and used motor vehicles in the Perth area. The ACCC was concerned that Jason Mazda made price representations that did not state that dealer delivery charges were applicable to the advertised prices of various Mazda vehicles when such charges did apply.
Baby Dynamics Pty Ltd distributed to retailers approximately 280 baby walkers under the description '3 in 1 Walker' which did not comply with the Baby Walkers Standard. The Standard requires that baby walkers are labelled with warning instructions addressing risks associated with using the product.
This s. 87B undertaking was offered by ABC Learning Centres Limited (ABC) in connection with its proposed acquisition of Kids Campus Limited (Kids Campus). The undertaking aims to overcome concerns raised by the ACCC that the proposed acquisition is likely to substantially lessen competition in separate markets for the supply of long day child care services in certain regional areas.